If Not Now, Then When?

Myth #3: Building my social media can wait

Photo Credit: All Web N Mobile

Common excuses for Social Media Procrastination:

  • I should wait until I have fans
  • Takes too much time
  • Makes not enough money
  • Social Media is for the self-absorbed
  • I’m just not that interesting
  • Social media isn’t real connection

The truth is your social media for your business or brand matters right now. Neglecting to build your social media house until you have fans is like waiting for inventory to ship before you have an address. When you do get fans wanting to support you, where will they go? How can they engage and share your content if there’s nothing to share?

It’s important to prepare you social media house for all the fans you hope to have one day. social media house Ariel Hyatt  is a thought leader in the world of social media, branding, and her trademark Cyber PR. She advocates understanding how all of the major social media platforms come together to form your Social Media House.

Your Social Media House is made up of your website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Blogs.

Once your house is built, the next step is allocating your content. How often should you post? What types of content works best for each social media platform? Hyatt created a Social Media Pyramid to illustrate a healthy and balanced social media diet. Social Media isn’t solely about shining the light on yourself. It’s also about curating content,

SOcial media pyramid.jpg

Is there an algorithm that correlates with the number of impressions? How can I track engagement? What do the Insights & Analytics mean?

The world of digital marketing and social media can get overwhelming when you don’t know where to start. But, having a social media house that you are proud of is a feasible goal. Ariel Hyatt does a great job of breaking it down into simple steps in her book Cyber PR for Musicians . Not a big reader? Sign up for the free Master Class for Musicians

Message me on our Facebook page and send me an invite to like/follow your social media! I’m eager to support you on your journey.

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